• My Big Greek Wedding. Part 1

    Моя большая греческая свадьба upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); This is a story of beautiful couple from England. Story, which better should be divided into several parts, happened in Corfu in one of the small villages on the shores of the Ionian Sea.
  • Photographer abroad

    Photographer abroad Traveling to different countries often want to keep as a souvenir the happiest moments of the vacation. Especially if those landscapes around you are filled with great beauty that simply can not be found in our places of habitual residence. In such cases, a professional photographer could be very helpful, because he not only eliminates the need to take pictures of each other on a handheld camera or ask passers-by to do so, but also guarantees a high level of quality. Indeed, so eager to have photos brought from abroad, were not only worthy of avatar in a social network, but also to become a picture, proudly hanged in a frame on the wall!
  • Post-wedding photosession for the newlyweds near the church of Vlaherna in Corfu

    2017 Wedding Photoshoot for Nikolai & Evgenia upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); I must say, post-wedding photosession for the newlyweds in Corfu - the most common thing I do in my profession. Of course, all lovers are different, as are the locations, the weather, and all other conditions. But the main thing that coincides in all cases - my clients, the guy and the girl, they are in love with each other, they are beautiful, and they expect to receive from me beautiful photos. I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to give this joy to people!
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