wedding photography

  • After-wedding photo session in Kerkyra

    After-wedding photo session in Kerkyra upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); Increasingly, there are situations when the couples are paying special attention to after-wedding photo shoot and combine it with their honeymoon. Indeed, why not complete a wedding photo album with card maded in beautiful places.
  • Katsinis Wedding update - four new wedding series

    Parthenon wedding in Halkidiki upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); All wedding series, which are connected with wedding planning and event organization, will be uploaded to specially developed website, so it is highly recommended to visit! In the last time it were uploaded four wedding series. Three weddings from Greece and one from Sri Lanka. Traditionally, it was me who was so lucky to make these photos ;-)
  • Photographer to suit every taste

    There are a lot of different types of photography and each of them has it's own requirements. Sometime even client can't explain exactly what kind of photos he want to acquire. So it's every time a challenge for photographer to correctly understand the client's requests and give him right results.
  • Stunning and beautiful wedding in Corfu, Greece

    Beautiful wedding in Greece, Corfu upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); Such couples will remain in memory. Stunning and beautiful, they know what they want most of all - be together forever. They choose Corfu to say "Yes".
  • Wedding ceremony in Lake Como in Italy of my friends

    2019 Lake Como Wedding upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); I really love wedding photosession from Italy. The event was held in Lake Como, where I came thanks to my friends and clients. They decided to say "Yes" to each other in such beautiful place. There I was not only a photographer, but I witnessed at a wedding.
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