Dear friends, the summer is comming and very soon a tourist season in Greece is started. As usually, I will be waiting for you at the Corfu island. I will be happy to see my former clients, many of whom have become good my friends, as well as will be glad to new acquaintances!

  • Фотосессия на Корфу
  • Фотосессия на Корфу
    Фотосессия на Корфу

    If you are planning a trip to Greece on the island of Corfu and want to bring back the gorgeous professional photos, then I have good news for you!

    Children and family photo shoot on vacation

    Every family vacation - an event that will certainly remain in the memory of everyone for many years, will warm the long winter evenings. Certainly, it's nice to share memories with relatives and friends, remembering the warm, sunny, carefree and fun time spent together. That is why it is very important keep on high-quality pictures these precious moments of family happiness.

    Today, many families when going on vacation, use the services of a professional photographer. This is a great an opportunity to fill a photo album with beautiful photos, where all the family members together, rested and full of positive emotions with picturesque landscapes on the background. Finding the photographer should not be a problem, the market now is very developed. But when choosing a family photographer, pay close attention not only to the quality of its images, the cost of services, knowledge of the area, but also to experience of working exactly with the children. In the allotted time the photographer must easily establish communication with the child, to cheer up and have time to catch the emotions of the baby.и малыша.

    Greece - one of few countries that stuck deep in my heart and is not going to leave it. You fall in love with Greece from the first moment, and the longer you are together, the stronger the desire to never leave it. Thanks to my mother, who has many years of living here, I was able to get to know this wonderful country, its rich culture and ancient traditions, to learn Greek, and even met there my wife.

    Как приготовиться к фотосъемке

    Dear friends, I would like to give you some simple tips to prepare for a photo shoot. If you want to get a good result from the shooting, is worth to listen to them.

    Photographer abroad

    Traveling to different countries often want to keep as a souvenir the happiest moments of the vacation. Especially if those landscapes around you are filled with great beauty that simply can not be found in our places of habitual residence. In such cases, a professional photographer could be very helpful, because he not only eliminates the need to take pictures of each other on a handheld camera or ask passers-by to do so, but also guarantees a high level of quality. Indeed, so eager to have photos brought from abroad, were not only worthy of avatar in a social network, but also to become a picture, proudly hanged in a frame on the wall!