Every family vacation - an event that will certainly remain in the memory of everyone for many years, will warm the long winter evenings. Certainly, it's nice to share memories with relatives and friends, remembering the warm, sunny, carefree and fun time spent together. That is why it is very important keep on high-quality pictures these precious moments of family happiness.

Today, many families when going on vacation, use the services of a professional photographer. This is a great an opportunity to fill a photo album with beautiful photos, where all the family members together, rested and full of positive emotions with picturesque landscapes on the background. Finding the photographer should not be a problem, the market now is very developed. But when choosing a family photographer, pay close attention not only to the quality of its images, the cost of services, knowledge of the area, but also to experience of working exactly with the children. In the allotted time the photographer must easily establish communication with the child, to cheer up and have time to catch the emotions of the baby.и малыша.

Here are several tips for preparing for your family photo shoot:

  • Select shooting time, taking into account the peculiarities of the child's day schedule;
  • Take a good night's sleep, eat some lite food and spend time on the eve of a photo shoot in a relaxed family atmosphere by charging each other's warmth, smiles and love;
  • Детей старшего возраста лучше подготовить заранее к фотосессии, преподнеся процесс съемки как интересное приключение. Возможно успех обеспечит ценное вознаграждение.
  • To divert the attention of the baby, take some of his favorite toys, they will help focus his attention and avoid tears during filming;
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances bring your wipes (nappies for babies), think about changing clothes. Be sure to take water and a dry cloth or towel for yourself in case of hot weather;
  • Chosen clothes for everyone should look harmoniously together in style and color (try to fit in 3-4 colors). Do not forget the shoes (though barefoot is also possible, if the shooting will be on the beach) and accessories. When shooting a long time at the sun, do not forget about the headdress for the baby. Welcomed the change of 2-3 clothes;
  • If the kid has been carried away with something while shooting and does not want to listen, it is better not to make him observations, but try to distract him fascinating process, for example, ride the shoulders of his father or a run, holding hands all along the shore. Important to maintain good mood, joking and complimenting each other, because your emotions will be read in every shot!
  • As usual, dads are not willing to pose during a photo shoot. Believe my experience, this is simply not necessary to focus, surround him with care and affection, and he will "feel the taste" in the process of shooting;
  • It is advisable to think in advance at least a few poses that, as you might expect, will be the most suited to you and your child, or that your child feels most comfortable and can express the positive emotions;
  • Mothers, as usually the inspirer of the event, just don't need to worry too much, if something goes wrong, that the baby is not conceived to sit in a pose, someone has crumbs on the shirt, etc. Leave it a photographer. Relax and have fun with family communication!

Having a great experience in children and family photo sessions abroad, I will be glad to offer you my services. I am sure the filming process will be easy and relaxed, and your family spend a fun and exciting time. I wish you peace of rest and beautiful pictures!

Your photographer in Sri Lanka, Corfu and the other islands of Greece Evgenios Katsinis