Greece - one of few countries that stuck deep in my heart and is not going to leave it. You fall in love with Greece from the first moment, and the longer you are together, the stronger the desire to never leave it. Thanks to my mother, who has many years of living here, I was able to get to know this wonderful country, its rich culture and ancient traditions, to learn Greek, and even met there my wife.

My life, one way or another, is closely linked with Greece, so every summer I live here and work here. In recent years, I live and photograph in Corfu, but also travel to other islands of Greece: Santorini, Crete, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Rhodes.

It is very important for me to show Greece to my clients in the form which I love. Therefore, I am pleased to share with them the most beautiful views of this sunny country and try to capture in photographs their sincere emotions on the background of enchanting beauty of Greece. It does not matter what genre a photoshoot will be: wedding, romantic, children, family, individual or reportage - your sincere smile, blue sea, golden beaches, spectacular scenery, bright sun, preserved monuments of architecture and cozy Greek streets on professional pictures will warm you with pleasant memories for many years.