Dear friends, I would like to give you some simple tips to prepare for a photo shoot. If you want to get a good result from the shooting, is worth to listen to them.

Here are these tips:

  1. Take a good night's sleep;
  2. Bring a good mood with you;
  3. Do not drink alcohol the day before the shooting;
  4. Do not drink on the eve of a large amount of liquid;
  5. For a couple of days, refrain from sunbathing;
  6. Wash the head, plucked eyebrows (a few days before), shave legs and armpits, make a manicure.
  7. Cosmetics: Use the tone cream or powder with a matte effect and stable lipstick or gloss, as vividly as possible paint the upper lashes, do not use tools with sparkles (excluding means for the lips);
  8. Select several outfits for photography, it is desirable choose light, suitable for hot weather. Do not forget about such important components as appropriate underwear and accessories;
  9. If possible bring your things from your life that reflect your personality, and accessories;
  10. Think about a vehicle for transportation. Typically, customers book their own car. If you do not have driver's license, then I can rent a car for by myself and drive you to all planned locations shooting. If you're strapped for cash, then we can move on public transport, but in this case I recommend to choose a place for shooting close and eliminate the use of transport;
  11. Don't afraid of photographer - I do not bite Photographer in Greece Corfu and Sri-Lanka

    PS. Some tips are suitable only for women. For example, instead of paragraphs 5 and 6 for men it will be enough just to wash hair. Photographer in Greece Corfu and Sri-Lanka For easy brutal bristle shave for a few days before.