Traveling to different countries often want to keep as a souvenir the happiest moments of the vacation. Especially if those landscapes around you are filled with great beauty that simply can not be found in our places of habitual residence. In such cases, a professional photographer could be very helpful, because he not only eliminates the need to take pictures of each other on a handheld camera or ask passers-by to do so, but also guarantees a high level of quality. Indeed, so eager to have photos brought from abroad, were not only worthy of avatar in a social network, but also to become a picture, proudly hanged in a frame on the wall!

Offering its services in various countries around the world, photographers take into account the seasonality of resorts and build their own schedule depending on these features. For example, in winter photographer is unlikely to be in demand in Greece, but they will be very helpful in Thailand, Sri-Lanka or India, where tourist season is in full swing at that time.

Wanting to help my clients plan a photo shoot in their holiday abroad, I present my travel schedule of the countries in the near future. I ask you to consider this when ordering the photosession. Although I would consider various options and answer any questions.

Photoshoots Schedule, season 2016:
January-April: Sri-Lanka
May: Russia (Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg)
June - October: Greece (Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Halkidiki, etc.)