Reportage photography

Reportage Photography also know as documentary photography or photojournalism includes all of other genres such as landscape, portrait or street photography. The word "reportage" derivative from "report" and this is a main goal - to create a reportage. Photographer should have time to catch the most interesting moments of the event, whine not miss the most important ones.

Reportage photographer tells a story through pictures, which will describe your event. Wedding photography is the most common type of event which needs a quality reportage photos, but it could be any event like birthday, christening or any kind of party.

A distinctive feature of reportage photography is that the photographer can't somehow influence to the behaviour of people or rapidly developing events, nor repeat some moments which will not return. Therefore, it should be understood that the reportage is one of the most difficult genre for the photographer, because to succeed in these conditions one needs to reflect the chronology of event, capture the emotions of participants and do not miss the most important moments and details. It requires a high level of skill and professional intuition of photographer.

Reportage photographers are required on a variety of events, such as concerts, cultural and sporting events, children's parties or family celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, graduation parties and so on. A professional photographer should capture on the photos all the emotions and the atmosphere of the event, because after that the result will illustrate the past events and could get on the front pages of newspapers or family photo albums. These photos will preserve the memory of the event for years. This is so thanks to the fact that the photographer was at the right time in the right place and did exactly what he was required to do.

Reportage photography conditionally divided into the following categories:

  • News/event - operational shooting of current events;
  • News reportage, where photos should align in the storyline;
  • Documentary Photography - a report to be discontinued for a long time, and describes the significant event or occurrence;
  • Street pictures - a snapshot in a particular genre, like a mirror reflecting the events in a particular style, selected by photographer.

Would be glad to offer a wide variety of event photography services. With understanding of great responsibility I always try to capture the most winning pictures from your event, while not forget about all the details, listening to your needs and share tips for organize and compose the scene for the best framing.

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