wedding ceremony

  • Ceremony of magical beauty in Sri Lanka

    Fairytale ceremony at lake upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); Every photoshoot is born with a soul, excitement, so exposing it for show, I open a part of myself. Starting with acquaintance with customers, the first shoots, emotions and communication during shooting, continuing with the selection best pictures, working on them and ending with the presentation of ready-made photos.I know that the result is very much expected, i know that the mood of that day must be transferred in these photos ,especially since this day could be very special for people.
  • Katsinis Wedding update - four new wedding series

    Parthenon wedding in Halkidiki upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); All wedding series, which are connected with wedding planning and event organization, will be uploaded to specially developed website, so it is highly recommended to visit! In the last time it were uploaded four wedding series. Three weddings from Greece and one from Sri Lanka. Traditionally, it was me who was so lucky to make these photos ;-)
  • Vasya & Dasha. Sri Lanka 2017

    Вася и Даша. Шри-Ланка 2017 upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); Such days make the world more beautiful .. The wedding ceremony on the shores of Lake Sri Lanka for a wonderful and insanely beautiful couple!
  • Wedding ceremony by the Vlacherna Monastery - Corfu 2020

    Wedding in Vlacherna Monastery - Corfu upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); This is an example of what wedding ceremonies can be arranged on the island of Corfu in Greece. Just look - an insanely beautiful church located in the sea and connected to the shore by a stone pier. This iconic place is loved by tourists, but if you choose the right time, you will be there in complete seclusion!
  • Wedding in the Church of Saint Spyridon in the old town of Kerkyra - Corfu 2020

    2020 Wedding in Spiridon church - Corfu upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); You may know that in Greece there are two ways to get married. It is possible, traditionally and customary for us, in the registry office. But many also do it in the church. In either case, you will receive an official document that is valid in other countries.

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