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  • International loving couple and SriLankan views

    2018 International couple from Australia upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); I really love working with international couples. They are so different, but at the same time they are the same, because they have found and love each other. Such photo shoots stand out among others.
  • It will be never too much for me to work with couples like this

    Loving Couple at the Indian Ocean Beach upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); This is felt immediately, literally at first glance or greeting. At the same moment I understand that it will be cool, the time will fly by, the result will be excellent, and in addition I will receive a pleasant review about the photo shoot at the end. I do not know how it turns out, but every time it's like this!
  • Photographer abroad

    Photographer abroad Traveling to different countries often want to keep as a souvenir the happiest moments of the vacation. Especially if those landscapes around you are filled with great beauty that simply can not be found in our places of habitual residence. In such cases, a professional photographer could be very helpful, because he not only eliminates the need to take pictures of each other on a handheld camera or ask passers-by to do so, but also guarantees a high level of quality. Indeed, so eager to have photos brought from abroad, were not only worthy of avatar in a social network, but also to become a picture, proudly hanged in a frame on the wall!
  • Photographer prices in Sri Lanka

    Photographer prices in Sri Lanka Fixed price guarantee Most popular packages for Southwestern part of the Island of Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa, Galle, Unawatuna, Bentota and other). For other locations please contact me. Pricing table includes information about costs of photographer services for Southwestern part of the Island of Sri Lanka Package Duration Color correction Retouch Price First hour of photoshoot 1 hour 100 photos up to 10 photos 120$ Every additional hour +1 hour +100 photos +10 photos 100$           Full day up to 8 hours 600 photos up 60 photos 600$ Place an order for photo shoot in Sri Lanka  
  • Photosession for a wonderful couple on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka

    2016 remake photo session Sri Lanka upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); It happens, you look through old material with a new look, and there is a desire to correct the color, select other photos for a portfolio, or something else to do otherwise. Of course, over time, tastes are changing, and I think this is good. It’s bad if the photographer doesn’t develop from year to year, doesn’t offer anything new. It is bad if the photographer looks at his works made several years ago and does not want to change anything.
  • Pricing list and frequently asked questions

    Photographer pricing list Fixed price guarantee International photographer Evgenios Katsinis. Price list and FAQ Greece Summer season (May-November) from 120€ / hour more… Sri Lanka Winter season (November - April) from 100$ / hour more… Submit a photo shoot request   In what country and when you do photo shootings? The schedule of photo shootings you can find here. Ability to travel to neighboring countries or cities specified in each case individually. How I can get know if the date which I'm interesting in is available? To check available date and submit a photo shoot request just use contact form. Is prepayment required at time of reservation the date? Prepayment required only if long trip to the place of the shooting is needed. How do I pay services? Payment is accepted by cash, electronic or online transaction. How should i prepare for photo shooting? This question is covered in article. If you have more questions, you can always contact me. How do you choose locations? Location we define together according to your wishes and my recommendations. How long time do you need to make photos ready? All the photos after selection and color correction I give within 7-10 after the shooting, and processed photos (retouch) after month. Processing period depends on busyness, before shooting I can clarify it for you. How photos are selected for processing? Usually I choose photos based on my experience, but I am always happy to listen to your opinion and taste. What kind of equipment do you use? I use digital professional full-frame SLR camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III, lenses with fixed focal length 20mm 1.8, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4, 135mm 2.0 + additional accessories. What software you use to make photo processing? Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop latest versions. Terms of use Photographer reserves the right to publish the photos in his portfolio, blog or post in specialized exhibitions, to use in presentations, workshops and publications, otherwise the client must negotiate separately. Any third party has the ability to use images only after the personal permission of the photographer and client. Whether you're shooting on a free basis or TFP? Do you have any promotions or special offers? You can find information about special offers in my blog. Please use contact form to send me information about your TFP proposal.
  • That's how this season in Sri Lanka began

    Lovely couple - Sri-Lanka 2018 upgFS.addSlideshowConfig('fsSinglePhotos', {"titles":true,"descriptions":false,"slideshow":true}, false); Dear friends, from November 2018 to mid-March 2019 photo shoots continue in Sri Lanka, and now the creation of videos is also available! As usual, I work on the southwest coast of the island. And now I’m going to reveal a little bit and show some photos and a small video from the first shooting this season in Sri Lanka.
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