Greece - one of few countries that stuck deep in my heart and is not going to leave it. You fall in love with Greece from the first moment, and the longer you are together, the stronger the desire to never leave it. Thanks to my mother, who has many years of living here, I was able to get to know this wonderful country, its rich culture and ancient traditions, to learn Greek, and even met there my wife.

Photographer abroad

Traveling to different countries often want to keep as a souvenir the happiest moments of the vacation. Especially if those landscapes around you are filled with great beauty that simply can not be found in our places of habitual residence. In such cases, a professional photographer could be very helpful, because he not only eliminates the need to take pictures of each other on a handheld camera or ask passers-by to do so, but also guarantees a high level of quality. Indeed, so eager to have photos brought from abroad, were not only worthy of avatar in a social network, but also to become a picture, proudly hanged in a frame on the wall!

Reportage Photography also know as documentary photography or photojournalism includes all of other genres such as landscape, portrait or street photography. The word "reportage" derivative from "report" and this is a main goal - to create a reportage. Photographer should have time to catch the most interesting moments of the event, whine not miss the most important ones.

Reportage photographer tells a story through pictures, which will describe your event. Wedding photography is the most common type of event which needs a quality reportage photos, but it could be any event like birthday, christening or any kind of party.

Wedding photo shooting nowadays has increasingly become very popular. With the development of photographic technology, wedding photographers use professional cameras and offer reasonable prices. Today almost all couples can afford services of a wedding photographer in order to save the most vivid impressions and most important moments of this unique day.

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